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My next chosen run was an 11,000 mile journey around North America on a tour called, Run for One Planet.  Dr. Sigalet found, fixed and freed stuck bones and somehow got us back running with everything thrown at them while we trained for two years.

Matt Hill

Swim lab Services

Private Lessons

Our coaches have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the swim world, coaching swimmers of all levels. From absolute beginners (adults and youth), to triathletes (professional and amateur), to competitive swimmers (Senior National qualifiers). Every member of the team is certified through the National Coaching Certification Program. No matter your skill level we can help you in your swimming goals!

Private lessons are available at the following locations:

Custom Workout Plans 

Week each you will receive workouts designed around your needs as an athlete including time committments, goals and skill availibility. Compare what you are using today with what we provide. Sample_Workout.pdf

Group Sessions (Book Now)

  • Triathlon Series 
    • Designed to help you improve your freestyle swimming technique, open water skills and increase your fitness in a fun and creative group swimming environment. 
      • Saturday Mornings (Delta Sungod Recreation Centre)
      • Sunday Mornings (Burnaby Edmonds Recreation Center)
  • Improve Your Freestyle
    • Designed to help you improve your freestyle technique, breathing and get rid of the panicky feeling during swimming. 
      • Monday/Wednesday Evening (Fitness 2000 - Burnaby) 
  • Open Water Sessions 
To find more information and book into a class please click here.