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My next chosen run was an 11,000 mile journey around North America on a tour called, Run for One Planet.  Dr. Sigalet found, fixed and freed stuck bones and somehow got us back running with everything thrown at them while we trained for two years.

Matt Hill

Bike Fitting and Sizing

Biomechanical Assessments

Bikes that fit your body, your motion, your goals.

Catalyst bike technicians utilize nine different protocols of bicycle fit supported by the industry's best tools, Retul and the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit.

The Dynamic Fit process finds your best choice of bicycle and fit based on anatomical measurements. The alternative to this method is subjective judging through muscle memory as you test drive a bike, a process that falls far short of capturing the intricacies of your body’s movements (and fails to take into account the adjustments you’ll make to those movements as you train).

A customized fit is also the best way to avoid injuries resulting from repetitive motions involved in regularly securing your feet to pedals and cycling for long periods of time.

Dynamic Fit, combined with motion capture, are the most valuable tools available to bike fitters today. These two advanced technologies allow us to go through several riding positions in a small amount of time, catching things we would otherwise miss -- motion capture, for instance, allows us to see things generally not detectable by the human eye, such as knee lateral travel.

Bike fitting involves changing your position on the bicycle, then making adjustments to improve your comfort and performance, while also ensuring optimum handling, reducing the likelihood of future injuries. Today’s cyclists are on the bike much longer than the 45 minute riding sessions that were the norm only ten years ago. As a result of pushing ourselves further, riders need to be more aware of the wear and tear on our bodies and the connection to us and our bikes. 

In the Catalyst bike lab, we are able to position you with the best form and balance, taking a long term view of your growth as a cyclist. Because there are different muscle groups used in the 360-degree pedaling motion, our technician’s see the change of affective cycling while you, the rider, remain seated. As the saddle is moved, you are changing muscles groups. In the Dynamic Fit process, you don’t have to leave the saddle to change position. We analyze your strengths and weaknesses, then perform adjustments as you continue to ride.

Regardless of your level of riding, bicycle fitting is the easiest step to improved comfort, balance, performance and control. If we pre-fit your bike for you at the start, your cycling pursuits are never limited by what you ride. Your bike is fitted and ideal for your body and your aspirations, from the moment your feet hit the pedals.

Catalyst cycling biomechanics expert Rob Wright has been fitting bikes since 1987. He continually networks with other fitters around the world and in the last three years alone, has performed more than 1200 fits (no two being the same). His unique ability to perceive and understand each client’s needs is expressed through his dedication to finding the right fit for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

Rob has the highest professional designations in the field, and uses the following protocols:

  • • Retul Master's Certificate
  • • Guru University Certificate
  • • Bike Fit Advanced Red Level
  • • Fit Kit Level 3
  • • Trek Advanced Level 2
  • • F.I.S.T. Certified
  • • Serotta Personal
  • • John Cobb
  • • Sylvester Fit School

For more information you can visit Rob's website at: www.bikefitsolutions.com

Tools we use to do the job: 

  • Retul Motion Capture
  • GURU Dynamic Fit Unit
  • Fit Kit
  • Bike Fit Tool Kit
  • Computrainer
  •  Bio Size