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"...Another moment which stood out was reviewing run test results and seeing the 20 beat HR improvement at the same pace compared with a few months earlier."

David Crane,
Ironman Triathlete


In traditional clinics, health professionals rarely communicate with each other. They may send a patient down the hall to see a colleague, but they don't work side-by-side to find solutions together.

A lot can be lost in translation between patients and professionals from various disciplines. That's why at Catalyst Kinetics, our team approach emphasizes the importance of doctors, trainers and other health experts working through your health needs together, with full input from you.

This way, you don't have to be the translator. Catalyst doctors can discuss diagnosis and treatment options in real time, in their own words, building an environment of full understanding, yet leaving room for medical opinions to be debated, put to the test and reassessed.

Our doctors have a more global perspective of physiology than is traditionally found in North America and, as a result, they also are acquainted with the subsequent technology and treatment options that go with that fuller understanding. The team works with non-invasive, highly specialized technologies designed to give us a high definition view of your systems interacting together.

That holistic view of health and treatment means that as Catalyst physiologists discover data about your unique physiological make up, then share that with chiropractors, medical doctors, naturopaths, and other members of our team, everyone sees the big picture -- including you. Once we understand how all of your systems work together, we can then truly help you become better in all areas, not simply treat isolated symptoms.