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I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Tycson for introducing me to RMT today. I am totally amazed at how great I feel following the massage therapy today. I so appreciated his approach, compassion, humour and care...great bedside manner. Thank you Tycson and I look forward to moving my sporting dreams forward with your help....bring on Ultraman, someday!!


sports training Products


Catalyst Kinetics only sells products that get results and are the right fit for our clients. Because members of our team have already put these products to the test, they know how to fully access all of their features and can customize them for you as part of your training and assessment plan. This way, they are fully integrated into your training as you discover how to tap into their full functionality.

The SpiroTiger Respiratory Endurance Trainer


Targeted endurance training of the respiratory muscles substantially increases physical endurance, resulting in a relevant increase of functional lung capacity. The SpiroTiger is a unique, lightweight endurance training device that allows you to train your respiratory system specific to the type of sports you compete in. It consists of a hand held unit with a respiratory pouch. The easy to operate monitoring electronics allow you to train safely and in an intentional, targeted way. Measurable results can be achieved in just a few weeks.



Whether youʼre a dedicated enthusiast or training for the podium, this indoor bike trainer can increase your power by up to 30-percent and your speed up to 4 mph. CompuTrainers come with electronic pedal stroke analysis and adjustable aerodynamic drag features. Many national cycling programs test and train their athletes with this device. Members of the Catalyst team know the intricacies of these trainers and how to use them to get the best individual results.

Polar Heartrate Monitors - CS600, RS800


The Polar CS600 was developed by professional cyclists and is rich in features that help you both train effectively and track your progress. With its professional training software you can plan and analyze every detail about your entire ride and get a deeper understanding of the big picture. Among other things, it communicates with the wireless speed sensor W.I.N.D. for interference-free cycling data, determines if your training program and recovery time are optimally developing your performance and measures incline, adjusting your efforts accordingly.

Garmin (GPS Bike Computers) - Edge 510, Edge 810, Forerunner 910 XT


Everything from live tracking to real-time weather conditions and smart phone connectivity allows riders to get the most up-to-date, comprehensive ride data. You can even give racing and tour updates via your social networks. Also connects to GPS and GLONASS satellites and features touch screen access to all your data including personal achievements (farthest distance, most ascent gained), heart rate measures,speed/cadence and power.


We carry bikes by both Guru and Cervelo, two of the most progressive bike manufactures in the world. Those in our cycling division know these products intimately, having put them through the rigors of international competition themselves. And the technologies they use in our biomechanics and bike fitting lab, allows them to make the most precise adjustments possible, even while riders are in motion.