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"CKG monitors your training and progress consistently so the appropriate adjustments can be implemented. There is always a purpose to every workout."

Canadian National Team Member

 Dr. Stefan Sigalet DC

Dr. Stefan Sigalet is a founding practitioner at Catalyst Kinetics Group and currently serves as the Director of Health and Wellness. Since the inception of Catalyst in 2013, he has played an instrumental role in the recruitment and training of the incredible team of practitioners at Catalyst.

Dr. Sigalet completed his undergraduate studies at Simon Fraser University in the field of Kinesiology and then moved onto Western States University in Portland, Oregon where he graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Throughout his academic studies and his clinical practice, Dr. Sigalet has been committed to expanding his knowledge and self growth. 

Over the course of his Chiropractic career Dr. Sigalet has worked with patients from all walks of life and his diagnostic focus has provided relief to thousands of patients who have struggle with health ailments for several years.  Many of his patients travel a great distance to benefit from Dr. Sigalet’s care including professional athletes, international musicians, celebrities, and leading business innovators. He is a consulting chiropractor with multiple sports agencies in North America and currently consults with several athletes in the NHL, CFL, Rugby Canada, MLS and Canadian Olympians. 

Dr. Sigalet’s strengths as a practitioner lie in his diagnostic abilities and his perseverance to identify the root cause of his patient’s symptoms. Coupled with his willingness to refer to his colleagues and other medical professionals to support his clients best interests,  his approach continues to innovate and advocate for the best in patient care. 

In his Personal Life Dr. Sigalet used to enjoy playing hockey skiing and golfing, but now he’s a parent of two wonderful children with his beautiful wife Sheila and enjoys changing diapers, getting up in the middle of the night and assembling kids toys.


    • 2005 - Certified in Applied Kinesiology 100 hour course with Dr Tim Francis
    • 2006 - Applied Kinesiology 100 hour course with Dr. Whally Schmidt
    • 2007 - Cold Laser therapy with Dr. John Brimhall
    • 2011- Clinical Pearls I and II, Digestive and Immune System w/ Dr Whally Schmidt
    • 2013 - Certified in Trigger Point Therapy
    • 2013 - Certified Biosignature Practitioner from Poliquin Strength Institute
    • 2014 - Impact Concussion training University of Pittsburgh
    • 2014 - Certified Active Release Practitioner
    • 2014 - Certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Association of B.C
    • 2014 -  Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Kalish Institute
    • 2014 - Visual Concussion Rehabilitation practitioner
    • 2015 - Traumatic Brain Injury Practitioner Millennium Health Care
    • 2015 - Biomechanics and Movement principles of Golf Swing
    • 2016 - Completed Bio Print certification with Charles Poliquin
    • 2016 - Studied Fascial Abrasion with Dr. Peter Lundgren
    • 2016 - Sport Specific Strength training internship with Charles Poliquin
    • 2016 - Optimizing Brain Performance Through Nutrition, Nutraceuticals and Nootropics with Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz
    • 2016 - Essentials of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men
    • 2017 - Functional Integrated Acupuncture Level 1
    • 2017 - Function Integrated Acupuncture Sport Injury Module
    • 2017 - Myomatrix Fascial Release Technique Practitioner
    • 2017 - FAT tool certified practitioner
    • 2017 - R2P Management of Post Concussion Syndrome