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"...Another moment which stood out was reviewing run test results and seeing the 20 beat HR improvement at the same pace compared with a few months earlier."

David Crane,
Ironman Triathlete


Mike's core strength is his passion for the sport of swimming. You feel it and notice it the first time you meet him. He understands the motivation that drives swimmers to spend countless hours in a pool trying to perfect their stroke and technique. He's fundamental understanding of technique and motivation make him an excellent mentor and coach. My 3 swimmers have benefitted immensely from his counsel and coach. He is responsive. patient, understanding and open minded.  - Oscar (Parent of three Swimmers) 
For 24 years I wanted to do an Ironman but the fear of water was too much. Last October I started swimming lessons with Mike Kirkness at the Catalyst swim lab and the fear has gone. Mike's calm nature and ability to break down the many parts of a proper swim stroke moved me from struggling to blowing bubbles with my face in the water to relaxed open water ocean swimming in March.  - John (beginner swimmer)

CKG aquatics has been an integral part of my training this year. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Kirkness in the endless pool to identify problems with my stroke and come up with strategies to correct them. Seeing yourself on the video from multiple angles gives you  immediate feedback, but more importantly, it leaves you with something to work on everyday at practice before your next session. - Rob (Masters Swimming Canadian Record Holder)
First time under 12 (hours) at Kona. Shaved nearly 30 minutes off my time.  It was a good day. And my swim was the factor!  I had an amazing swim.  I dropped a good 9  min from my swim! Amazing.  Thank-you for helping me take my swimming to a new level! - Jackie (Ironman Athlete)

We looooooved our session with Mike. It was amazing, informative, outstanding. The use of video and the expert coaching were an absolutely top experience. My son is 8 years old. I feel very lucky that I found Mike because my son was ready for Mike's expert coaching. Mike assessed my son and immediately identified what he needed to correct. I saw more progress in minutes than I have seen in almost 2 years. - Elena about Matthew (Youth Swimmer)