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"...Another moment which stood out was reviewing run test results and seeing the 20 beat HR improvement at the same pace compared with a few months earlier."

David Crane,
Ironman Triathlete


We focus on the optimum health of people who have a wide spectrum of needs and abilities.

Those WITH IMMEDIATE Health Care Needs

The relationships we've built with clients from many different walks of life are essential to us. And making their lives better -- often by finding treatment solutions that have eluded them for years -- is what fuels us. Helping someone step out of chronic back pain for the first time in a decade, for example. Or watching someone who has struggled with obesity reach their first fitness milestone, ushering them into a new era of health and confidence. These are the types of results our team of 18 professionals -- chiropractors, naturopaths, registered massage therapists, medical doctors, physiologists, trainers and coaches -- have the privilege of being involved in.

An increasingly vital focus of treatment is the area of concussions. To address the need for better understanding and treatment options, we have formed the Catalyst Concussion Institute. Head of the institute, Dr. Stefan Sigalet, is highly sought for his ability to diagnose and treat concussions in ways that go further than traditional, passive models. His clients include a host of teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), but Dr. Sigalet also sees a steady stream of ordinary people seeking freedom from the debilitating effects of this condition.

Amateur Athletes

Many of the amateur triathletes, cyclists, swimmers and runners we see are highly competitive people squeezing in training during evenings and weekends. They may never be professionals, but they are driven to move beyond their previous personal bests, looking for keys to unlock dormant potential. Because we take the time to discover what makes each of our clients unique within their competitive environments, we are able to tailor health and training programs to develop specific areas that will move them forward.

Elite Athletes

Our team has extensive experience developing treatment and training programs for athletes who are at the pinnacle of their professions. Many Catalyst members have worked with those who have competed on international cycling circuits as well as those who have podiumed at Ironman. We also have a substantial list of NHL players who come to us for ongoing treatment and assessment.

Professionals rely on us to help them identify and overcome their limiters -- the weakest links in their systems -- as their sports training regimes evolve, bringing them closer to maximizing that potential in myriad elements of competition.